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Italian MP Calls Out the NWO


Hobbes reminds us that absolute power is not born with an imposition from above, but from the choice of individuals who feel more protected by giving up and granting their #freedom to a third party. By virtue of this you continue anesthetizing the minds based on mass media bought, amukin and GNP with words like REGIME, allow and allow. Allow yourself to norm our ties and feelings and certify our affections. So here's the #Fase2 Such and which Phase 1. changes only the name, as already for the #mes. We understand that we don't die for the #virusand then you can suffer and die under the law for misery and poverty. 1.6 billion people are at risk for UN. And as in the best regimes, the blame will only be discharged on us citizens! You take away our freedom and say that we brought it, at the cry of dividi et rule. To get back especially our children: souls raped in agreement with the Guarantor of Rights and various cismai. The right to school will then be granted only with bracelet to get used to parole and social spacing in exchange for a scooter and tablet. All to indulge the appetites of financial capitalism whose engine is the conflict of interest well represented by #Oms, whose first donor is the philanthropist and savior of the world Bill Gates. In 2018 he prophesied a pandemic, then simulated last October in Event 201 in agreement with Davos friends, and has been prodigal for decades in developing plans for depopulation and dictatorial control over global politics, aiming to achieve Primacy over agriculture, technology, energy. " If we do a good job with new vaccines, health and reproductive health, we can decrease the world population by 10-15 %" and " only one genocide can save the world " were his words. Thanks to his vaccines he managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa, caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500 thousand children in India, and still today with DTP causes more deaths of the same disease as well as with its #GMOs sterilizers, designed by #Monsanto and donated so generously to needy populations. All while already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination and #vaccines to mRna, as immune system programming tools. So in this table is all the Italian Deep State: Sanofi who, together with Glaxo collusion, signs agreements with medical companies for the indoctrination of doctors of the future, making fun of their autonomy of judgement. There are HiTech multinationals such as Roman Engineering, friend of noble Mantoan, or the Bending Spoons of Pisano for control and management of our health data compared to the European #ID2020 electronic identification Agenda that uses mass vax to obtain a platform digital identity. There are friends of Aspen like Sassoon and #Colao who with his reports of 4 pages from 800 euros per hour, without any scientific review, tells us his policy as a general of #Bildeberg far from the battlefield Good morning. The Italian contribution to the international alliance against Coronavirus will be EUR 140,5 million, of which 120 million to Gavi Alliance, the nonprofit created by the Gates foundation and are only part of the EUR 7,4 billion recovered by the European Commission to find the vaccines against Coronavirus that will serve the above described above. Nothing for serotherapy that obviously has the terrible side effect of very cheap. The real goal is total control, absolute dominion over humans reduced to guinea pigs and slaves violating sovereignty and free will. All through your deception disguised as political compromises. While you tear Nuremberg Code with #Tso, fines, deportations, facial recognition and intimidation endorsed by dogmatic science - protected by our "pluripresident" (Napolitano) - which is the real cultural epidemic of this country, we will multiply the fires of #RESISTENZA in such a way that there is impossible to repress us all. Advice to our President #Conte: Next time he receives a phone call from the philanthropist #Billgates, send it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity to the AIA. Otherwise tell us how we should define the lawyer friend who takes orders from a criminal.

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