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If there is one show you watch this week -- this should be it! This is the most important story out there right now. In my latest episode of Vampire Hunter, I discuss the bombshell news that John Podesta’s pal who debunked pizzagate was arrested for child porn! Slade Sohmer worked as the editor-in-chief of The Recount — a left-wing news outlet that’s covered up Pizzagate for years — and was arrested for over a thousand images of child porn and for producing it. This is not the first time a member of the media who worked for an outlet that’s “debunked Pizzagate” has been arrested for child sex crimes. I give in-depth analysis explaining how this is a pattern and solid proof members of the media are involved in Pizzagate and that it’s always been real! EXPLOSIVE: Elon Musk calls out Media Matters stating they’re “pure evil” and yesterday commented on Pizzagate. I detail how Media Matters is also involved in Pizzagate — and tied to James Alefantis & Comet Ping Pong — and how they've aggressively covered it up for years! The truth about Pizzagate is finally coming out and nothing can stop what’s coming! PLEASE RETWEET AND SHARE EVERYWHERE!

Thank you, Liz Crokin:

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