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KMSCREAT!VE is a registered Non-Profit Organization founded in Missouri in 2016. My mission is to study, share & proclaim the Gospel of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; to create and aggregate entertaining, patriotic, and faith-based digital-content, and to identify and organize relevant data & evidence exposing sinister, hidden agendas with anyone and everyone who has the faith and discernment

to recognize and further research for themselves. 

 Over the last 7+ years, I've tried to establish KMSCREAT!VE as a faithful beacon of hope and verifiable truths across the internet and social media. After

I finished "the [LLL] project", I wanted to build an artistic-inspired, "all-in-one" research website that made it easy for me to organize and categorize all of my deepest & most poignant questions about GOD, questions about our Earthly home and why we're here, questions about the current state of our global politics, and questions about the human beings who think they're in control of us.

I want the TRUTH!  

If you enjoy and value my mission and you're looking for a way to contribute, please DOWNLOAD my book, "the [LLL] project" or make a small donation.  With your help, I can devote all of my time to expanding and improving this project 24/7-365.   

I pledge & promise to use your contribution(s) to

continue providing the highest quality information, digital art, uncensored video content, and relevant, verifiable truths and proofs that I can.

GOD Bless You! GOD Bless the USA! 🇺🇲 



Your Information is Safe & Secure.


Thank you for your support! 

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