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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Exposes Pizzagate, KM, Mossad, WEF, Ukraine, UN & More

December 9, 2023 - Is the Pope Catholic?

Archbishop Vigano states that Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent blackmailing the rich and famous with heinous ritual crimes against minors and parallels the theory that the Khazarian Jews aka Ashkenazi Jews are causing All of the world’s ills to weaken it's people making them easier to control.

Khazarian Jews, not to be confused with Semitic Jews, come from Khazar, now West Ukraine, where they were originally a nomadic Turkish people known for their terrifying Khazarian Mafia that still exists today.

The KM is behind Mossad, the CIA, FBI, KGB, behind the Epstein control ring, the WEF, the Ukraine war, and are now behind the rape of Gaza‼️

The Khazars Converted to Judaism circa 800AD as a few Semitic Jews had gone there in 600AD and seized power. They dispersed throughout Europe from approximately 1100AD.

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