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George Soros: The Global Puppeteer Exposed

Our Secretary of State, Antony Blinken could be acting as an agent for George Soros abroad. His family are big donors to radical Left billionaire George Soros’s organization – Open Society. They contribute so much to this organization that there is a permanent endowment that is named after Secretary Blinken’s parents – the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives.

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Global Affairs Ric Grenell broke this news along with the fact that Secretary Blinken has sanctioned, without explanation, a key international official who has been openly critical of Soros in his new article. He further detailed what he is seeing on the ground in Albania:

"I am here in Tirana, Albania. . . . I have grown increasingly concerned with Antony Blinken and his family’s support for George Soros. They have given a lot of money. There is actually the Blinken center that is named after our Secretary of State’s parents [within] . . . Open Society, which is George Soros’s organization. That relationship is very tight, and it has produced our Secretary of State to put travel sanctions on the leader of the conservative party in Albania. . . . The conservative leader we are talking about Mr. Berisha has been one of the most vocal critics of George Soros in the Balkans. So, here we have the critic of George Soros in the Balkans getting travel sanctions put on him by the Secretary of State. . . . I don’t believe that anything was done that would rise to the level of putting U.S. sanctions on this individual. I was the Acting Director of National Intelligence. I concentrated on the Balkans. I never saw any information like this. . . . If Secretary Blinken has new information pointing to this, then he should come forward and show it. Because right now it looks like he is manipulating the power of the State Department to help George Soros and his political opponents. "

We have been investigating George Soros and his involvement with international institutions for quite some time. ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou lead the charge on the report and explained the findings:

"I am the liaison between the American Center for Law and Justice in the United States and our European counterpart, the European Centre for Law and Justice, the ECLJ, which is headquartered in Strasburg, France. We’re in Strasburg not by accident, we are there because that’s where the European Court of Human Rights sits. And what we have been doing here recently is exposing the influence that George Soros has . . . on the judges who are selected to sit on cases that are heard by the ECHR – the European Court of Human Rights. These judges have very slippery rules about withdrawing, that is recusing themselves from cases that they hear. We have exposed the fact that many of these judges have been a part of nongovernmental organizations and other sympathetic left-wing liberal leftist groups that have been funded by Soros. Soros sees that they get on the court and get elected to hear cases . . . and they come out with decisions . . . that are pro-leftist and pro-George Soros. . . . We have now made it known politically throughout Europe, through the work of the ECLJ, of the influence that Soros has on the judges of that court."

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