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Satanic Pedophilia at the Top of the US Government for Decades - The Truth is in Plain Sight..


This video montage is an extremely relevant short-doc to show newbies that things like "Pizzagate", are not only true, but that its been getting exponentially worse for decades. Never let other people, news included, tell you what something like Pizzagate, or the Franklin Coverup, or the Finders, or MK Ultra, Monarch were! Research it for yourself! Former Los Angeles FBI Chief Ted Gunderson is a great start.

This stuff has been around for decades, and as we saw with the recently leaked ABC video where the anchor admits on a hot mic that not only did she have the entire Epstein story going all the way up to the Clintons and Prince Andrew 3 years prior, but that ABC even spiked the story to cover for the top.

It ends when WE THE PEOPLE share enough research that them and their media can't deny it anymore.

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